David Beutel, Audiologist

IMG_3449I graduated from Stillwater Senior High School in 1972, and began college at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls in the fall of 1972.  At the time, I had a significant speech disorder so I was familiar with the Communicative Disorders Clinic at UW-RF, and after my freshman year I switched my major to Communicative Disorders. I completed the requirements for my undergraduate degree in the winter of 1977, and started Graduate School at UW-RF the following Fall – completing the my graduate degree in 1983.

I was then hired as a Speech Therapist at the Hinckley/Sandstone Public Schools for almost 3 years and then we moved our family back to River Falls. I started working with Audiology Associates, owned by Galen Berry and located on Second Street in River Falls.  We provided hearing testing services to various hospitals, medical clinics in the area, and also annual testing to factories with loud noise environments. I left Audiology Associates in the early nineties, and started a small firm, St. Croix Hearing Conservation, which provided annual hearing testing services to various factories in the Western Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota area – testing over 8000 employees every year.

I sold this small business in the early 2000's and my wife and I moved to Arizona to escape the winters in Wisconsin. I started working with HEAR USA as an Internet Audiologist, responding to questions about Hearing, Ears, Tinnitus, and Hearing Aids posted by people asking questions through the Internet website of HEAR USA. This company was sold, and our office in Arizona was closed shortly thereafter.

So my wife and I decided to move back to Wisconsin to help my son raise his newborn son and we have been back in River Falls since May, 2004.  Five years later, I was on the verge of being unemployed, so I then decided to start a small Audiology business in the River Falls area.

About River Valley Audiology

I was working in the Twin Cities with a small office supply/delivery firm and when the recession started, and it became fairly clear my employment with them was soon to be terminated because of lack of consistent sales. I started thinking about if I should start a new Audiology firm in the River Falls area of Western Wisconsin, because I didn't really want to work with another National hearing firm, mainly because of their sales tactics and style of business.  So I decided to start a small Audiology business, keep costs and overhead at minimal levels, and just go with my own ideas and beliefs about being in the Hearing Healthcare business.

I started River Valley Audiology out of my house, providing services with home visits and being onsite at Wellhaven and the Lutheran Home.

Within a year, I opened an office in the River Center Professional Building @ 215 N. Second St., Suite 101 on the lower level – just across the street from the Post Office.  My office is small, but the overhead costs are minimal and it meets my needs perfectly for what I want to accomplish – top quality products, low prices and great values, and absolutely provide each patient with exceptional service in a non-threatening environment.

Mission & Goals


Become a sincere, honest, and trustworthy Hearing Healthcare provider of top quality products in the Western Wisconsin area.  And to provide each person and patient with the information needed so they can make an informed decision that is in their best interests.


Maintain the ideology of keeping costs to a minimum, so I can continue with lower prices and greater values for my patients, with substantial savings when compared to other providers in the area.

Provide Benefit

Most importantly, to provide products and services to each individual patient that will improve their communication ability with their family and friends in everyday listening situations.


Provide community services in the local area that improves the quality of life and benefits the residents of the River Falls and surrounding communities.