Remote Control

With a remote control, each user can make small changes to the hearing aids – adding or subtracting loudness or volume, move to different listening programs set for more difficult listening situations, and also return to the start-up or automatic program set for each hearing instrument. Easy and simple to use, the remote gives the user more control over how the hearing instruments can adapt to each listening environment.

TV Direct

Several manufacturers have devices that can plug into your TV and directly send the audio output to your hearing instruments. This improves the signal to noise ratio and allows the user to turn down the volume on the TV, but add loudness to the input that goes directly to the hearing instruments.

Clean and Dry

A small device that sanitizes the instruments and then removes the moisture from the products overnight, while the user is sleeping. Very efficient, and improves the performance of the instruments when the user is phycially active and has perspiration issues.

Captioned Telephones

Captioned telephones are available from Caption Call, when the following criteria are met:

  • Documented hearing loss from a Hearing Healthcare provider
  • Landline telephone at residence
  • Internet access at residence

Caption Call will supply the telephone at no cost, and send a technician to your residence to install the telephone for a small, recently mandated fee of $ 75.00.  A great program for those individuals with significant hearing loss who have difficulties talking on the telephone.


Batteries from Power One and Rayovac Private Label –  River Valley Audiology has a special offer of 1 FREE package of batteries for cleaning or general maintenance of your present Hearing Instruments.  Or if you would like to purchase packages of batteries, our price for 2 packages, 6 cells in each package, is $5.99.  Cartons of 60 cells are available for $29.99.