Full Hearing Assessment is available for everyone at no charge, and in lieu of the fees, each individual can provide a small donation to a local charity of their choice, if they so desire.  Each complete assessment will include the following:

  • Client information and short Hearing Healthcare summary.
  • Listening situations discussion – which situations are easy or possibly more difficult.
  • Orthoscopic examination of both ears to determine if any visible problems exists in the ear canals.  Or if impacted wax could be causing some hearing difficulties.  And if problems are present, I will make a recommendation and referral to consult with your Family Physician.
  • Sound Booth Hearing Evaluation which includes the Basic Battery of tests needed to determine the type and degree of hearing loss.  With a Conductive Hearing Loss present, indicating a possible medical condition, I will make a referral to your Family Physician for consultation and treatment.  With a Sensori-neural Hearing Loss present, indicating the use of Hearing Instruments to resolve hearing problems, I will discuss options available for improving communication ability.  If you wish and with your direction, we will then talk about:


         Styles that are Cosmetically Appealing to the Client

         Appropriate Technology for the Social Activity and Lifestyle for each Individual Client

         Costs that are Affordable for each Client