Repair Services

Repair services for all brands and styles, even Hearing Instruments many years old – some people do not want to purchase new Hearing products. The several repair labs I use can repair all aids, and if there is a problem with a particular Instrument, they will contact me and discuss possible solutions or let me know if repair is not possible.  One year warranties are included in the repair fees, and the fees are very reasonable for those clients not interested in buying new, high tech instruments.

Minor repairs, wax removal, cleaning, general maintenance, or tube replacement in Ear Molds are done in the office Free of Charge, and  available to everyone.  And after the visit, you will receive a complimentary package of batteries FREE.


The two battery manufacturers I use are Power One and Rayovac Private  Label – both leaders in the hearing healthcare field with their products. Batteries are included with each purchase for a period of 3 years, and I try to be sure each client has more than enough to last each year.  If you would like to purchase packages of batteries, our special is 2 packages, 6 cells in each package, for $5.99. Cartons of 60 cells are available for $29.99