I recently purchased hearing aids from David Beutel at River Valley Audiology.  I've worn hearing aids for several years and these are easily the best I have had.  David is a top flight Audiologist who really cares about the people he serves.  I highly recommend him.

- Dave C., River Falls

I was skeptical about purchasing a Hearing Aid, especially hearing about the problems with them from my friends, but David explained to me all of the significant improvements of the newer style instruments and fit me with a receiver in the canal aid that works very well – I can turn down my TV from volume levels of 70 to about 30-35.  And I tell all my friends about my son the Audiologist.

- Joan B., Stillwater

David did a wonderful job of explaining my hearing loss and what style of Hearing Aid which would work best for me.  I chose only to fit one ear and I am very satisfied – he even came to my house on a Saturday morning to replace a small part my dog had chewed on.

- Marlene L., Lake Elmo

 The hearing aid is working great!  It definitely has improved my hearing ability, especially at work and at home. I can even hear my wife!!!

- Gary S., River Falls

I want to thank you for the exceptional service you provided in fitting me with new hearing aids. I have depended on hearing aids for over twelve years and have dealt with many of the issues other wearers experience. The performance of the Unitron Moxi 2 devices with remote control far exceeds that of all my previous aids.

I’m also very pleased with the Unitron uDirect 2 and uTV 2 Bluetooth audio devices that improve the hearing and understanding of my television programs. This has always been an issue as my wife has normal hearing and I’ve always struggled with the volume levels comfortable for her.

- Steve B., Amery