My aim is to provide the best professional Hearing Healthcare Services available to the residents of Western Wisconsin. And to provide those services in a respectful, honest, and sincere manner, while answering any and all questions each individual may ask.

Our professional services include:

Hearing Assessments

  • Patient Information and brief Hearing Health History
  • Otoscopic examination for significant wax buildup, or other problems
  • Review of hearing concerns in everyday listening situations
  • Hearing Evaluation in a Sound Booth
  • Summary of test results
  • Lifestyle/Social Activity review
  • Information about Hearing Instruments – styles, technology, and costs

Hearing Instrument Sales

Consultation and open discussion with each patient about their needs and concerns related to Style, Technology, and Costs – trying to find products which would best meet their needs for improving their communication ability.

Hearing Instrument Packages include the following:

  • 3 years Service and Repair Warranty
  • 2 years Lost/Damage Warranty – replace 1x with manufacturer's fee
  • Free Batteries for 3 years
  • Unlimited office visits, programming, cleaning, and maintenance

Hearing Instrument Fitting/Programming

During the Hearing Instrument fitting appointment, we will talk about the programming of the instruments and review all aspects for learning how to place the product in your ear, how to change the batteries, and the daily care and use of the hearing instruments.

1 Week Post-Fit appointment – each patient is seen for a post-fit appointment in 7 days to be sure the patient is comfortable with the Hearing Instruments and the settings/programming are appropriate for meeting their needs – making sure the quality of sound is acceptable and the devices are performing to their expectations.

4 Week Post-Fit appointment – I like to see every patient 4 weeks after fitting, again to be sure the instruments have good sound quality and each patient is happy and satisfied with the products. And this second visit is within the Trial Period time frame of 30-45 days, so we can discuss their decision about continuing with the purchase or returning the products for a refund. Some other providers extend the trial period, but my belief is each patient should know within a few weeks whether the instruments are providing significant benefits or not – no need to prolong the process.

If the patient decides to continue with the purchase of the Hearing Instruments, they will receive a carton of batteries that will probably last for over a year – and they will periodically receive more batteries as needed for a period of 3 years. And I remind them if they should have any problems or concerns, please call or stop by the office and I will take care of and resolve any issues or problems, at no charge.

Real Ear Measurements

Used for verifying actual Hearing Instrument response while the Instrument is placed in the Patient's ear, Real Ear Measurements are used for confirming performance when adjusting the Hearing Instrument in real time.  Mainly used as a strategy for fitting hearing instruments on individuals with difficult to fit hearing loss – but can also be used for verification of Hearing Instrument response on everyone, if so deemed necessary.

Repair Services

Please go to our Repair banner for information about repairs on all styles, types, and manufacturers of Hearing Instruments. The several repair labs I use, will clean and repair all brands and then provide a 1 year warranty for continued service and repair, as needed.

Extended Warranties

When nearing the end of the Manufacturers warranty period for your present Hearing Instruments, it may make sense to extend the warranties for another year, usually for less than $200.00. Most manufacturers will only allow warranties for 4 years, so after that time period buying a Repair warranty when needed, is probably the way to go.