River Valley Audiology is a small office in a small town with small-town values. We offer top quality hearing aid products and accessories from several national Hearing Instrument manufacturers. River Valley Audiology provides substantial value and exceptional service to the residents of River Falls, Hudson, Ellsworth, Prescott, and surrounding Western Wisconsin communities.

Free Office Visits and Consultation

Stop in and chat with me, and I will answer any and all questions about Hearing Instruments and River Valley Audiology.  Hopefully, providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision that is in your best interests.

Free Complete Hearing Assessment

Because of the complexities of Medicare and Medical Instrument benefits, I have chosen to provide FREE Hearing Assessments to our patients. In lieu of these fees, I have started a program where each patient can make a small donation to a local charity.

Hearing Instrument Purchase Packages include the following:

  • Top Quality Major Manufacturer Products from Unitron and Oticon
  • 3 Years Service and Repair Warranty
  • 2 or 3 Year Lost/Damage Warranty
  • FREE Batteries for 3 Years
  • Unlimited Office Visits, Programming, Cleaning, and General Maintenance included

Binaural Purchase Discount

When clients who live socially active lifestyles and are in difficult listening situations daily, purchasing a Hearing Instrument for each ear is probably best for them. If someone does decide on  two, I offer them a 10% discount on the total purchase price – usually saving them from $300 – 500 on the pair of Hearing Instruments. By offering this substantial discount along with the values included in our purchase packages, clients can benefit from the lower pricing and still have everything they need for a period of 3 years.

Free Listening Checks and General Maintenance for Instruments Purchased Elsewhere

Cleaning and listening to your Instruments to determine if problems exist, i.e. static present, intermittent response, low volume levels, or dead with no response present at all – no office charges.

Replacing tubing in ear molds used with Behind-the-Ear Instruments is part of Basic Maintenance and there are no fees for providing this service.

         Complimentary Package of Batteries with Each Office Visit!